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Still of the morn


This plate is the only one I have painted that was an image and consisted of no dots. It was made for a very dear friend who, goes, goes, goes juggling six balls at once. So, when asked to make something for her I wanted to create a quiet place she could go. Knowing she liked Kayaking and being on the water I created a place where she could see herself sitting, watching the sun rise and the fog lifting.


What’s on yore slate?


I painted this shamrock for my wife. She picked the slate tile up at the craft store and wanted something painted on it. While I was sitting there staring at it pondering, “what shall I do with this?” The whole St. Paddy’s day Irish thing came to mind.



I made this for a close friend several months ago. The peace sign was intentionally¬†formed¬†in such an (un)perfect shape because the theme of this plate, while I don’t remember what it says entirely on it, was ‘peace is not perfect’.


Sugar Skull Series #1

Sugar Skull Series #1

Made this baby yesterday morning. I have always been fascinated by the artwork and colors that go into a sugar skull so I decided to take a crack at it using my own unique style.


Dots Dots Dots

securedownloadI made this plate for my father-in-law this past fall. He had collected different pieces of art from various friends and relatives and I noticed he didn’t have anything from me yet. He mentioned he would love to have one and I was happy to oblige. This piece was my first crack at making an entire painting out of nothing but dots. My goal was to make a sort of mosaic through the medium of paint and while I didn’t quite succeed here it has no less dulled further attempts to do so. The code at the top reads… I am sexy and I know it and the bottom reads painted by Mark Stallman (if you were curious) It’s a bit of an inside joke between myself and a mutual friend of his as to how I arrived at the sexy and I know it part.


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