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I painted Carly Simon


It’s a bit of a running joke, I was toying with the idea of painting some records and in the process of experimenting to see how well one would paint up I saw the album cover and thought it quite humorous to paint a mustache and goatee on Carly Simon, hence the part about painting Carly Simon.


Merry Christmas

merry1 I wish you all the best of Christmases this year wherever you may find yourself.

Flower Variations 3 and 4

dec22-1 dec22-2


At the center variation 2


At the center variation 1


I enjoy painting flowers from time to time and just experimenting with all the variances and nuances in color that come from flowers. What I have done here is painted a flower as if you were looking at it from about 6 inches away or so.

It all comes together or does it?

dec1-1 dec1-2 It all depends on whether the glass is half full or half empty for you on this one… My dad picked up this plate off the side of the road in some gravel, it had been run over numerous times and was quite pitted from the gravel. I set it aside for a while not knowing what I would do with it being so damaged until this idea came to me and it just worked so well with the condition of the plate.

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