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Hope is never lost

I am a little behind putting out a post this week. Generally I try to get one out every Monday or Tuesday. This past week I have had the pleasure of enjoying some vacation time in Chicago with my beautiful wife. We had a wonderful time and saw many things with the highlight being a visit to the Chicago Art Institute. If you enjoy art, I highly recommend going if you have never been. It truly was a remarkable experience. Someday, I do hope to make it to New York to see the Museum of Modern Art but that will have to wait for now. Cheers.






Ok, I understand this one is a bit out there and even after I explain it there are going to still be some weird stares. Here goes, My dear dear best friend is a huge fan of the Dave Mathews band. For her birthday I created this. The concept and inspiration behind this were crop circles. The center design and the two off shooting arms all say DMB in Morse code. She adores it and in the end that’s really all that matters.


Love is Key



Broken heart


My eyes deceive me


It’s been so long ago that I created this one for the customer that I don’t remember what I was thinking when I made it, but, the most interesting aspect is the designs on the left and right edge of the plate. It changes. Look at it one time and you see one thing, look at it again and you see another… This was not done intentionally, rather it turned out to be a nice surprise.

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