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2 for 1 plus the cost of admission

oct27-1 oct27-2 oct27-3


The first plate I debated showing because I made it strictly for myself (not that I wouldn’t sell it if someone REALLY had to have it). The second was made for my niece who, through my brother, asked if uncle Mark would paint her a flower and I was happy to oblige. I used a highly metallic paint for the background which is why the plate is pictured at several angles


new material… vetoed.


This was done on some experimental material my father in law found. It’s some sort of plastic material they use to make large billboard signs with. I just threw together some quick designs to see how it would paint up. As you can see the board was not square to start with so it was an added difficulty to get the design to square up as well.

Throwback Wednesday

oct16-1 oct16-2 oct16-3 oct16-4 oct16-5 oct16-6 I decided to finally dig through the archives and show some of my earliest paintings prior to my transition to what I now paint.


Retro Abstract Var. 2





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