Art is the soul of imagination.

Soul trees and comic books

915-4This is a one off I experimented with using comic book pages as the background. I used a images with a lot of blues in it for the top half as the sky and images with a lot of earth tones for the bottom half. It was fun to make and I gave it to a friend who loves comic books and what I do.

Doodle on record


Zombie Bear


This was a concept from a friend of mine for her daughters birthday. Her daughter asked that in lieu of regular gifts and money, people create some kind of artwork and mail it to her because she wanted to turn her room into a gallery.

Happy Weekend Everyone


I will be away from my computer all day tomorrow so I decided to go ahead and post today. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

Hope Rising


This plate was an experiment more or less with an idea I had of layering images on top of one another simply by watering down the paint more and more with each new layer.

Soul Tree Series


Blue Jean Day Dream


I was experimenting with some new paint and playing with some new techniques and I ended up with a really cool looking weathered blue background. I put it down for a while not knowing what I would actually put on it and I really liked the blue so I wanted to preserve it as much as possible and the more I looked at it the more it began to look like a pair of blue jeans. Thus, the idea came about to paint a back pocket to a pair of blue jeans.


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