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Compass Rose

728-1 728-2I have been away on business for the past few weeks, which, has in turn kept me away from my computer. This piece, as indicated by the title, was inspired by various compass roses I have seen over the years. -Cheers.


MAR22-1 MAR22-2

I will be away from my desk tomorrow so I decided to go ahead and post today. The first is my second of two attempts at pop art using a different technique this time. The second is one of my personal favorites, I used finger nail polish for the background which allowed me to apply it in such a way that the background looked grungy and I kept the color to a minimum because I wanted it to look cold and gritty.

Spring Forward


This is a fairly recent piece I finished last month. The canvas had been worked on prior to my receiving it, the person had painted a background with some blues and aquas, browns and siennas etc… and I loved it. Instead of painting over it, I decided to paint a nice cherry tree branch with blossoms (of course). It is painted on 36″x48″ stretched canvas.


I jokingly tell people they need special glasses to see this one, but in truth, you don’t. You just have to look closely¬† to see what’s there. Enjoy. Cheers.


Flower Variations 5 and 6


Gone Fishing…



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