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91-1 91-2

I paired the both of these together today as both were inspired by the loss of my grandmother. I had been wanting to do a tribute to one of my all time favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz,  for quite some time and looking back I kind of wish I had waited because to look at it now it seems a little dark. The second is called “birth to death” and I used different colors and patterns to depict transitions through life with birth starting at the bottom and life’s final breath at the top.


929-3 929-4 929-5

The first is a random design I came up with and the next two I was looking at different ways to express the sun setting over water.

Rolling Hills


Retro Abstract

922-1From time to time I like to play with retro colors. While I love bold bright colors there is something to be said for the more muted colors of the 60’s and 70’s

Soul trees and comic books

915-4This is a one off I experimented with using comic book pages as the background. I used a images with a lot of blues in it for the top half as the sky and images with a lot of earth tones for the bottom half. It was fun to make and I gave it to a friend who loves comic books and what I do.

Doodle on record


Zombie Bear


This was a concept from a friend of mine for her daughters birthday. Her daughter asked that in lieu of regular gifts and money, people create some kind of artwork and mail it to her because she wanted to turn her room into a gallery.


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