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Southwest maybe?

98-2I painted this one quite some time ago and I really do not recall what my inspiration was behind this one but from the looks of it I was going for something in the southwest category.




Grunge Guitar and Crossbones


Before fall colors completely escape us…

nov16-3Before fall colors completely escape us and are replaced with Christmas trees and blankets of white I submit this lonely fall leaf. I painted the backdrop to appear as though the leaf had fallen on a wet shimmering road and once the piece was completed I dripped a little glossy varnish to give the appearance of beads of rain. This is probably my second favorite piece I have ever completed. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!

Just in time for fall, well kinda…


I created this fall inspired “Soul Tree” last year as part of a raffle at a local art gallery.


929-3 929-4 929-5

The first is a random design I came up with and the next two I was looking at different ways to express the sun setting over water.

Rolling Hills


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