Art is the soul of imagination.

Hope variation 2

85-1 85-2

This was my first serious experimentation with mica flake. I didn’t know much about it at the time so I asked my brother in law who had painted his motorcycle using a clear coat with mica flake. So… he told me where I could buy it, I picked some up and proceeded to paint, then I put about 7 layers of clear coat with mica flake on it. I later discovered I had used the wrong stuff, since this is automotive clear coat the stuff is made to shine in an outdoor environment. Needless to say under the right lighting indoors you can kind of see the effect but if you really want to see it in all its splendor you have to take it outdoors and it really is quite spectacular to see o u t s i d e. Who’s going to do that with there painting right? Live and learn, live… and… learn…

Comments on: "Hope variation 2" (1)

  1. Absolutely. Got to experiment-It’s quite lovely!

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