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Alternatives Continued

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Last week I posted some frames I painted as an alternative to my standard license plate, This week I have a number of standard dinner type plates to post. I really enjoyed painting these but it was decided between myself, my wife and several close friends whose judgment I sincerely value that painting dinner plates was outdated and cliche. So, I abandoned that idea as well.


Comments on: "Alternatives Continued" (2)

  1. Oh my, you’ve been busy! I feel that the plates are only cliche if you feel like they are. I rather like them. Perhaps if you group them and create a common theme, you will have a serious series.

    • Thanks. These were all done 6 months ago or so, many of which have been placed in happy homes. I have long since abandoned painting them, with, of course the exception of a paying customers request. I hadn’t considered grouping them or creating a theme but that is a really great idea.

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