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I reached a point where my source of license plates was drying up and I decided to look at other things to toy around with painting, one of which is picture frames. My brother in law wanted a sugar skull painted but could not afford to pay me for it so I told him if he would be willing to be a guinea pig and provide a frame I would paint his skull for him. I have no idea why he chose that particular frame but he did and he likes it so… I guess in the end that’s what matters right! With the center frame, I painted the glass in the negative and this one was particularly difficult to accomplish, I also painted the mat and used a piece of ordinary scrapbook paper to serve as the back drop. The unique thing about this one is it is entirely interchangeable, the mat and the background can easily be removed and replaced to suit. The last one was made special for a dear friend to celebrate the start of her new business. Next week will feature several other items I experimented with before I finally found a new source for plates. Cheers!

Comments on: "Alternatives" (4)

  1. VAstly different ideas here, but they all work! Glad your source is solid:)

  2. elmediat said:

    Intriguing pieces. The whole body of work on this blog is very intriguing & creative. My wife paints on a variety of surfaces & objects. She has done work on mirrors with some very dramatic results.

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