Art is the soul of imagination.

The art of Cat Pinkerton

Most people would say who is Cat Pinkerton? Cat is very near and dear to me. She was born with a debilitating life threatening disease that has brought her great pain and discomfort. But, instead of letting that take her down she has found ways to stay positive and inspire others around her. She has used art as an expression of herself and a way to escape from what I can only imagine to be unbearable pain. Cat has been an inspiration to me both personally and artfully. My art started out as an attempt to recreate what she did but I quickly discovered what she did was uniquely hers and I needed to do something uniquely mine. Cat has used many different objects to paint on but in the last 6 months or so has found that painting guitars generates a lot of excitement. Why shouldn’t it? Who paints a guitar? Well, Cat does! The guitar featured in the picture is one of many that she has done. She has made a number of them as a means to sell and raise money for her charity which provides funds to study and HOPEFULLY find a cure for the disease which has stricken her and others. In the very near future I am going to be painting one of my plates for her to attach to one of her guitars which will go up for auction to raise money for her charity. I am looking forward to featuring this on my blog here, but, even more so am I looking forward to collaborating with the person who inspired me to pick up the brush and begin.


Comments on: "The art of Cat Pinkerton" (1)

  1. I love you brother u r the best… u inspire me when I can’t seem to find my way…u r amazing and u have found ur grove u can’t wait to continue painting with u!!! ❤

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